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People of Crystal Beach, FL area know that every time they get an issue with their house’s garage door, they can simply call Neighborhood Garage Door time and again, to provide repairs, maintenance and an assortment of other garage door-related services. For a decade now, we’ve maintained the top spot in the garage door services section and have always been the top choice of residents in Crystal Beach - all thanks to the efficiency of the team that we have with us. Right from an abundant background of knowledge, our experts have taken rigorous training sessions to tackle modern-day residential service needs.

An array of choices

In our huge arsenal, we’ve got some of the garage door industry’s best door models that are able to address the many different needs and demands a client can make. From steel garage doors to keep safety threats at bay to a very simple and beautiful wooden garage door that gives a unique appeal to your home, we have it all. We also hold a very large stock of doors that are completely customizable to your demanding needs. We only use the finest materials and connect with big brands which ensure that you get nothing but the best in every residential garage need of yours.


Garage doors, are strictly not made with the purpose to withstand the harsh atrocities of weather like rain or wind or moisture, as they can’t stop them seeping in through the small crevices and gaps. Garage doors themselves cannot defend the insides of the house from weather effects and change in temperature which in turn, increases the costs of heating. For this reason, you must install weather-stripping for your garage doors.

Neighborhood Garage Door provides great weather-stripping installation services that seals up any slits or clefts and also protects against the changes in temperature, and noises. We install new weather-stripping, replace old, worn-out stripping, and make sure that your garage will be just as comfortable as the inside of your house.